At The Movement Space you’ll discover how to move with purpose so that you actually build an understanding and awareness of your body and its capabilities, it’s not just burning calories. We will share with you a whole-person approach to your physical, mental and emotional health with livestream classes and video on demand tutorials including nutrition, handstands, breath-work, strength training, yoga, meditation, food prep and stretching.

Our mission is to empower our members to build healthy habits for life, support them in making wellness a part of daily life, and show you there are so many more ways to be active than perhaps the ones you’re used to seeing!

We are excited to launch The Movement Space because it’s so unique. It’s being brought to you by people who have devoted their lives to their practice and wellbeing, and who want to share the good stuff for the right reasons. Real people living and breathing their practice every day and sharing it with you to improve your quality of life and expand your knowledge around a sustainable approach to exercise, not a gruelling workout that causes you to give up through exhaustion or injury.

Try something new and see how better you feel with a 14 day free trial.

We can't wait to welcome you to the community.

The Movement Space Team